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I’ve been tagged by charcoal-charizard to share 5 things about myself and pass this challenge on to 10 followers! which I will not do

1. I really do love video games. I’m extremely attached to my GameCube, as if it wasn’t obvious from my last post… Ahaha. I’m hopeless when it comes to my GameCube and I’m not even ashamed. I’m also really attached to my DS Lite and my 3DS XL…

2. I used to think I was really great with Pokémon until I met people online who were so much better… I was known to be the best amongst my friends and family, so it was quite a hard blow to my confidence there. u_u I pretty much refuse to dare to challenge anyone to a battle now because I’m sure I won’t even leave a scratch.

3. I love family and have it as an important thing to me, but I’m not attached to my own in the least. I was an outcast, so… yeah. My closest friends are my family instead.

4. I can very easily switch from being outgoing and wanting to try to make friends(I will even initiate conversations online) to wanting to hide away from everyone and just not speak even when someone speaks to me/sends me a message. It’s annoying really, because I’ll be all ‘HI NICE TO MEET YOU’ and then once the person replies I can’t even do anything for a while. LOL Ah boy…

5. I hate being underweight and I’ve been that all my life. I’m still working on gaining a healthy weight, but it’s ridiculously hard.

i will not tag anyone

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